Plan Details

Our plans are structured based on resource usage and features. Every plan comes with unlimited reviewers so you can have as many (or as few) people adding issues as you want. Read more about the levels to find your best fit.


Signs that the Freelancer Plan is best for you:

  • You’re on your own and happy to be there.
  • You’ve got a few clients cooking at a time but need to keep it small to keep it manageable.
  • You use a lightweight ticketing system without a lot of philosophical baggage.

Our Freelancer Plan has limited resources per month (3 Domains/month, 100 Pages/month, 1000 Issues/month) and can only integrate with a couple providers (GitHub and Basecamp). It’s perfect for the solitary individual who’s trying to keep expenses low but still deliver on quality.

Sign up for the Freelancer PlanGet the Job Done. Better. - 30 day Guarantee


Signs that the Studio Plan is best for you:

  • You’ve got a few people on staff and some contractors available to handle bursts.
  • You’re pushing several new projects each month plus maintaining existing sites.
  • You use a more opinionated ticketing system.

Our Studio plan has more resources per month so you can do more (20 Domains, 1,000 Pages/month, 10,000 Issues/month). It also offers more integrations (GitHub, Basecamp, and Pivotal Tracker). The Studio plan is a good fit for a small shop that’s using a more complicated ticketing system but doesn’t necessarily need advanced features.

Sign up for the Studio PlanMore Resources and Integrations - 30 day Guarantee


Signs that the Agency Plan is best for you:

  • You have several dedicated teams and a bevy of contractors on call.
  • You’ve got a dozen new projects spinning up each month. Plus ongoing work from the last 6 months.
  • Your dev teams live in Pivotal Tracker and you want your QA staff and reviewers to seamlessly add and update issues there.

Our Agency plan has enough for all but the most demanding of organizations (50 Domains, 10,000 Pages/month, 50,000 Issues/month). Plus, you can do more with your integrations. Now you can search and update existing Pivotal Tracker bugs - all from the reviewer tab interface. The Agency plan is a good fit for any Big Name Agency or a company with an extensive Web App portfolio.

Sign up for the Agency PlanPlenty of Resources and Pivotal Searching - 30 day Guarantee


Signs that the Enterprise Plan is best for you:

  • You manage a team bigger than the population of some countries.
  • Your manager expects every solution to be “Enterprise”.
  • You need a magical connector to your own internal, homegrown issue tracking system.
  • You don’t believe in limitations.

We know that some organizations just need more - that’s why we’ve created the Enterprise plan. It’s everything that the little guys have and more. Plus, we’re happy to build a custom connector to whatever system you need. If you’re wondering if this plan is a good fit for you, it probably isn’t.

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