Conquer Feedback Chaos

You have requested stakeholder feedback on a new web site.

Cathy sends you an email. There is a spec that is wrong on her product page. But you don't know which product page she means (since there are 7 stakeholders).

Steven emails you. There is an image overlapping some text in his browser. But he doesn't tell you which browser he's using.

Joe prints out each page. Carefully writes down his changes. Then faxes them to you! Now you have to type it all into your ticketing system.

Scattered Emails. Missing Details. Extra Work.

Does this sound familiar? QAtab can help you by providing a simple, structured approach to collecting feedback on sites that you develop. We'll handle the details like browser, URL, and submission time so that you don't have to spend time chasing your reviewers and badgering them with followup questions.

See How QAtab Works Conquer Your Feedback ChaosBetter QA in Just 5 Minutes


Eliminate Context Switches

You are testing your web app to identify ways to improve the user experience.

On the dashboard. You should rearrange the order of those tiles. Context switch to edit the application code.

On the user profile page. You should add support for an avatar image. Context switch to create a ticket in your issue tracker.

Hmmm...should you change the order of the onboarding process? Context switch to create a new todo item.

The Scattered Mind Squanders Time.

You're an experienced developer and you know that each context switch is costly. You think differently when you're testing than when you're developing. QAtab can help streamline your review cycle by making it easy to capture these details without leaving the review and test context.

See How QAtab Works Eliminate Your Context SwitchesBetter QA in Just 5 Minutes

“QAtab is a critical part of my development and testing workflow, allowing me to track and manage bugs and tasks without switching contexts and changing focus. It was a far better tool for keeping bugs out of the way and ready to be addressed later than anything else I've tried.” Nick Santos, Executive Director, Environmental Consumer